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Schönberg is located in the Kiel bay. Its monumental center can offer a large number of shops as well as organizing your leisure. In addition there are riding halls, hiking tours on the salt meadows, newly opened youth centre, football and beach-volleyball ground, fitness centre and skater pipes here.

The so-called Probstei (a nice hinterland) can be reached via the old railway, which is a kind of a museum nowadays which ссonnects the city with Kiel. It is incredible, but it is true: Schönberg has immediate contact with California and Brazil. The two districts of the seaside health resort are called so and have very interesting history: once a fisherman had found a rotten ship plank with the name "California" near his hut and had knocked it to his front door. Another fisherman considered it as a boast and thought, " If you are able to do so, I will also be able to do it also ... " and after finding a suitable piece of firewood painted the word "Brazil" on it and hung it on his front door. The time passed and there appeared two separate districts.

The 250-metre-long pier of Schönberg was built in 2001; it replaced the former one which was blown down in 1914 in order to enemies not to enter the land. Numerous camping places on the coast and in the hinterland complete a magnificent sight.

The sights of Schönberg and Holstein.

Photo: Carsten Weber/