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The historical the duchy of Schleswig has always served as a mediator between Denmark and Germany. The German part of Schleswig today is actually Südschleswig, while Nordschleswig belongs to Denmark. On both sides of the border the population is partly bilingual, that’s why numerous places have both German and Danish names.

The part of Schleswig close to the Baltic Sea (i.e. Südschleswig) lies on the Flensburg Fjord in the north up to Eider River and the Kiel Canal in the south. The Flensburg Fjord, Schlei River, Eckernförde Bay and Kiel Fjord are offering (together with their beautiful nature and water sports) the tourists the brand names of this part of the Baltic coast. The outside coast of Schleswig has little differences. The most innovative and conceptual seaside resort is Dump that is situated in this region.

Not long time ago the main place of the region was the city of the same name of Schleswig, but today the biggest city is Flensburg. Even today the rest of the former Viking’s settlements called Haithabu which are situated on the territory of Schleswig city testify of the high culture of the past-time European advanced civilization.


Flensburg is the third largest city in Schleswig-Holstein region. It has more than 85,000 inhabitants. Flensburg got the Danish city rights in...
Kappeln (Photo: Schlei Ostsee GmbH)


The city of Kappeln has only 10,000 inhabitants and one of the most beautiful sceneries on the western shore of the Baltic Sea. The balance bridge...


On the eastern coast of Schwansen peninsula and on the half way between Kappeln and Eckernförde there lies the small place of Damp. Not far...
Seaside resort Eckernförde (Photo: Eckernförde Touristik GmbH)


The seaside resort of Eckernförde is situated at the end of the Eckernförde bay. It has more than 700 years of history and since...